IKEA DJ Booth close-up

IKEA DJ Booth for less than 100 euro

You like to stand when you are behind your mixer and decks, so you need a table. You can buy a DJ-booth or table in a DJ-shop, or you can make your own with IKEA parts. In this post I describe my IKEA DJ booth.

These are the IKEA parts that I purchased:

  • KALLAX (Shelving unit, white, size 77×77 cm) € 24,95
  • 2x KALLAX (Set of castors, silver-colour) 2x € 10,00
  • KALLAX (Insert with door, white) € 10,00
  • KALLAX (Insert with 2 drawers, white) € 20,00
  • CAPITA (Bracket, stainless steel, set of 2) € 14,95
  • EKBY LAIVA (Shelf, birch effect) € 2,99

In the following two pictures you can see the end result. I use the Pioneer XDJ-R1 and my iPad mini.

At the hardware store I bought a water ring (I use the ring to feed the wires through the cabinet), power socket, and a right-angle plug.

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