My First public Gig

My First Public Gig

On saturday evening between 20:00 and 22:00 I had my first public gig. The party was held in the “Wevehuis” in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Girl Lieke celebrated her 12 years birthday with a dance / disco party.

DJ Kevin and I have spinned this evening. Both on our own Pioneer DJ-set. It was awesome! I could turn my favorite 128 BPM progressive house records, like “Bigfoot” (W&W). A classroom full of teenagers jumping and dancing around on these beats.

Kevin had taken a Showtec Atmos F350 Fazer with him. I really loved this smoke machine, with his radio controlled remote. It makes a party more chummy and light effects are much more visible. The day after, I checked the Bax shop and Keymusic site for smoke machines, fazers and hazers. I know what I’m going to ask from Santa Claus!

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