iPhone or iPad wire connected with CDJ

If you have a WIFI router connected between your CDJs, then you can use WIFI. Without WIFI, it looks like Rekordbox doesn’t work. Is it possible? Yes it is!

Trick is to disable WIFI on your iPhone or iPad. Use the charge-cable of the device. Connect one side to the iPhone (or iPad) and the other side (USB plug) to the USB connector on the CDJ.

Start-up Rekordbox (on iPhone or iPad). Press in the app on “Load” (on screen with: Load / Connect / Import / Prepare / Help / Settings). Press on the CDJ input selector: “USB”. The other CDJs can be linked by using the button “Link” on the CDJ.

Select a track, and you can push the track from the iPad or iPhone to the Pioneer multimedia player. The color orange means, the deck is available. Green: deck is loaded.

Default “BPM” is not included in the selection list. Go to “Settings” in the app and press on “Active Categories”. Right top side you will find “Edit”, press on it. Left top side you will see +. With + you can add “PBM” in de search list.

NOTE: For iPad users: you can only find Rekordbox in the iTunes store, when you select show iPhone apps in the iTunes store.

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