DJ - sunday morning

Making noise on sunday

On sunday morning I made some noise! Everyone is dancing!

loop on the CDJ

DJ Lesson #5: The Loop

Today we started with checking if this time my USB stick works. Since the first DJ lesson, I have problems with the TDK 2.0 USB stick. The CDJ-2000 does not recognize the playlist, but if we plugged the USB stick in a Macbook with Rekordbox, everything is there. We could not found any problems. This time I formatted the TDK 2.0 USB stick with a MS-DOS (FAT) structure and marked the option: MBR (Master Boot Record). Nevertheless, it did not work. We are out of options, so lets buy new ones!

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DJ-lesson 4

Lesson #4: 100% Beatmatching

During DJ lesson four we have practiced a hour long with beat matching. Controlling this technique is very important for a DJ, so you can’t practice enough.
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Kidz-dj Workshop

Yesterday I was on the Kidz-dj workshop at “Theater aan de Parade” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I joined the workshop from 12 to 14 hours. After this group, there was an other Kidz-dj workshop. In total there were 60 Numark sets.

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DJ Practice Session

DJ Practice Session

It was a day without appointments, so a good day to practice a lot. Last friday I noticed during my third DJ lesson, that I am accustomed to my Pioneer XDJ-R1.  I had to search for the buttons on the DJM-900 Nexus. So today I started comparing the buttons on my XDJ-R1 with the buttons on the DJM-900 Nexus. There are quite a few similarities, only some buttons are in a very different place. That’s kind of getting used to.
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dj lesson 3

DJ Lesson #3

Today I had a private lesson from DJ Mike Lewis. In this third lesson a lot of techniques from lesson one and two have been repeated and combined.

Mike gave me homework: I have to practise a lot with beatmatchen and using effects.
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its you time - IKEA

IKEA day-winner with DJ Booth

IKEA has a website where you can upload a picture with your IKEA moment. I sent a picture of my DJ booth to IKEA’s website Everyday IKEA chooses a daywinner. And yes, today I received a mail from Public Relations that I am the daywinner. A 50 euro gift! Thanks IKEA!

More about my booth:

IKEA DJ Booth close-up

IKEA DJ Booth for less than 100 euro

You like to stand when you are behind your mixer and decks, so you need a table. You can buy a DJ-booth or table in a DJ-shop, or you can make your own with IKEA parts. In this post I describe my IKEA DJ booth.
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dj-booth djm 900 nexus

DJ Lesson #2

On friday september 12, 2014 I had my second DJ lesson. It was again great. What we did? Well, we started with finding out why my Rekordbox database on my USB sticks did not worked in the CDJ 2000 Nexus. Unfortunately we could not found the problem. Never the less, the music was on the stick (without the database), so the lesson could start!
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