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In my studio

Making new noise in my studio! Every time the noise is getting more organised!

DJ / Trance Producer BastiQ with Ableton Live

Producing new Trance

Busy with producing brand new psytrance music ?? Watch the cup ? love the text ??

DJ BastiQ under palm tree with Ableton Live

Producing under the palm tree

Producing in the sun ?, in my favorite city: Alicante, Spain ??!!! I love to sit here with my laptop in the garden under a palm tree ?

Algemeen Dagblad - official soundtrack World Championship Shorttrack

Official soundtrack: KPN WK Shorttrack

Specially for KPN World Championship Shorttrack 2017 in Ahoy Rotterdam, I produced the official Shorttrack tune.

The soundtrack is available for download on SoundCloud.

bastiq studio

The BastiQ studio

In the BastiQ studio, working on a track! I always like it, to stay in my lab.

David Stellar and DJ BastiQ

Ableton Live 9 training

With David Stellar in his studio. I am learning from David all kinds of Ableton Live 9 techniques.

remix Faded

my ‎remix of ‎Faded / ‎Alan Walker

I uploaded my ‎remix of ‎the track: Faded / ‎Alan Walker to ‎WeTransfer for the remix-contest at the ‎Town Hall Party ‎Zeist 2016!

Be there tomorrow-evening! Doors open at 19:00. Starting around 20:00. Light out around 23:00.


Remixing Faded

Making a remix from Faded / Alan Walker for a remix contest!

Kunstenhuis 20160426

‎Jam Session @ Kunstenhuis Zeist

I had a great music experience at the Kunstenhuis Zeist / Zeister music school, with: ‎Orchestra 2.0

‎Acoustic ‎instrument meets Ableton Push.

VST Synthmaster

SynthMaster 2FX

Testing a new VST ‎plugin for Ableton. The SynthMaster 2FX by KV331Audio. This ‎synth has already nice presets which can be tweaked in the further.