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Winterbeats Bergse Bossen 2017

DJ BastiQ @ WinterBeats 2017

At CREATE!2016 I won the ticket to DJ at WinterBeats.

Between 22:30 and 23:00 I will take over the party!



Create Heuvelrug 2016

Create 2016 – Heuvelrug Got Talent

Amazing… I won 3 prices talent show Create Heuvelrug:

  1. Workshop Club DJ,
  2. Gig at WinterBeats and
  3. Interview on FUNX radio / Eclectic030

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Create - Heuvelrug's Got Talent 2016

DJ BastiQ @ Create – Heuvelrug’s Got Talent

Kom kijken naar de beste Talenten van de Heuvelrug!
Zang, Theater, Beeldende kunst, dans, comedy, DJ, etc.

Entree 2,50 euro.
Onder 18 jaar gratis entree.

Create at Figi

Create Zeist in ‎Theater Figi

On saturday, I was performing at Create Zeist in ‎Hotel Theater Figi. That evening, I was the last one in the line-up. Therefore I could play 13 songs full of high energy. The power went up and the crowd was moving and dancing on the beats.
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