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DJ BastiQ carnaval 2018 preparty DJOI

Carnaval 2018 preparty

? Carnaval 2018 PreParty in DJOI Driebergen (The Netherlands) ?

Playing a set in line-up with Mike & Luka ?


DJ BastiQ @ Carnaval Driebergen

Carnaval at the DJOI Driebergen.

Private party at DJOI Driebergen with DJ BastiQ

Sweet 16 Party

DJ-ing & having a lot of fun ? on a Sweet Sixteen Party ??? at DJOI Engweg Driebergen ? Thanks ?

sweet sixteen with DJ BastiQ at DJOI Driebergen

DJ BastiQ @ Sweet Sixteen Party

Private Party! Access only on invitation!

DJOI Driebergen - Old class of CBS Coolsma with DJ BastiQ

DJOI Driebergen

Old classmates from CBS Coolsma having a ? party ? at Jongerencentrum DJOI Driebergen.

Two times happy birthday ??? It was great ? Oud leerlingen CBS Coolsma #Reunie #Reunion #Celebrating #OldClass #MyOldClass #OldClassMates

private party with DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ Private Party

Just confirmed!
Access only by invitation.



DJOI Driebergen - BastiQ selfie

DJOI Private Party

Private class party with a lot of dancing! Group 7 of CBS Coolsma, you where fantactic! Thanks group 7!

Private Party

DJ BastiQ @ Private Party

Access only for invitees.



Private Party with DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ Private party

Jongerencentrum DJOI, Driebergen is afgehuurd voor een privé feest.

Toegang alleen op uitnodiging.

Group 8 of CBS Coolsma at the DJOI Driebergen

DJ BastiQ @ DJOI

Wanneer: vrijdag 14 april 2017
Wie: 10 t/m 13 jaar
Waar: DJOI Driebergen
Tijd: 19:30 tot 22:00 uur
Thema: ??????
Entree: 4,50 euro (inclusief 2 consumpties)


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