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DJ BastiQ @ Talentstage – Dordrecht

Playing a set in a mixed line-up at Talentstage Dordrecht.

Talentstage Popcentrale Dordrecht with DJ BastiQ

Talentstage – Popcentrale Dordrecht

Playing a mixed set in a mixed line-up at Talentstage, Popcentrale Dordrecht.

Sweet Sixteen at Popcentrale Energiehuis Dordrecht with DJ BastiQ

Popcentrale Sweet Sixteen

16th Anniversary ? of Popcentrale at Energiehuis Dordrecht. This Sweet Sixteen ? Festival at Popcentrale was a party with 50 bands and DJ’s! One big saturdaynight party?!!!


Energiehuis Dordrecht - DJ BastiQ

Energiehuis Dordrecht

Having a gig ? at Energiehuis Dordrecht ??

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Calisthenics Zeist

DJ BastiQ @ Calisthenics Zeist

Event-kitchen and Calisthenics workshops. Calisthenics park at Energieplein Kerckebosch Zeist.


Tag Archive for: Energieplein

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