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Thanks KPN

🔥👉 I am soooo happy with my new iPhone Xs 🎉🎉🎉🎁!!!! SUPER thanks to KPN 💚 and WilroffReitsma.nl 🙏🙏🙏 #ThanksKPN

DJ BastiQ at World Cup Shorttrack 2017 Dordrecht

VLOG #4 – WC Shorttrack Dordrecht 2017

Welcome to vlog number 4. This time I performed at the Audi ISU World Cup Shorttrack Dordrecht from 5 – 8 october 2017.

With special thanks to team KPN and all the people who made this possible!

SAIL Den Helder 2017 - vlog 2 - DJ BastiQ

VLOG #2 – SAIL Den Helder 2017

SAIL Den Helder 2017 was AMAZING ??? My second VLOG is about playing a gig at SAIL on Noord-Holland mainstage. This was on saturday june 24, 2017 (14:00 – 14:30).

Watch this and other aftermovies on my YouTube channel !!! I hope you like it and don’t forget to follow me 🙂


Soundtrack: Clap your hands – DJ BastiQ (FREE download on soundcloud.com/djbastiq )
Supported by KPN

SAIL Den Helder 2017 - DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ SAIL Den Helder 2017

Kom om 14:00 op zaterdag 24 juni naar Provincie Noord-Holland podium!

De piepjonge DJ BastiQ verovert Nederland op stormachtige wijze. De jonge DJ draaide al op diverse podia in Nederland, onder andere bij het KPN NK schaatsen in Thialf en 3 dagen lang tijdens het uitverkochte KPN WK shorttrack in Ahoy. Speciaal hiervoor produceerde hij de officiële WK tune die veel op TV en radio te horen was!

Voor SAIL 2017 reist hij af naar Den Helder om samen met de SAIL en Marinedagen bezoekers een groot feest te bouwen!

aftermovie Ahoy

Aftermovie: Ahoy Rotterdam – 3 days / 7 gigs

AFTERMOVIE: 3 days / 7 gigs at KPN World Championship Shorttrack 2017 – Ahoy Rotterdam !!!

These 3 days were beyond awesome !!! Thanks KPN !!!

Kidsweek - maart 2017


Interview for the Dutch newspaper: Kidsweek (65.000 printed papers). The interview is in Dutch:

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KPN ISU WK Shorttrack 2017

Ahoy Rotterdam – Day 3 of 3

The last day was again amazing! First gig in the “Sportpaleis” and the closing act main stage in KPN clubhuis.

That last gig was with all the speed skate winners of the World Cup Short Track 2017 – Ahoy Rotterdam!

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Arena Ahoy Rotterdam

Ahoy Rotterdam – Day 2 of 3

On saturday I had two awesome gig’s at main stage Sportpaleis and a 3th awesome DJ performance at the main stage of KPN clubhuis. Just after Roel van Velzen.


NPO Jeugdjournaal - interview djBastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ NOS Jeugdjournaal

NOS Jeugdjournaal made an item about my DJ performance at the KPN World Cup ShortTrack speed skating in Ahoy Rotterdam.

I also made the official tune for the KPN World Cup. In this interview, I explain how I made it.

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KPN WK Shorttrack - Ahoy Rotterdam - DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ KPN WK Shorttrack 2017

DJ BastiQ (11 years) – 3 days at KPN WK Shorttrack and KPN Clubhuis.

Use hastag: #BastiqAhoy

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