Talentstage Popcentrale Dordrecht with DJ BastiQ

Talentstage – Popcentrale Dordrecht

Playing a mixed set in a mixed line-up at Talentstage, Popcentrale Dordrecht.

De Loods Ridderkerk - DJ BastiQ - booth

De Loods Ridderkerk

Playing for the second time at “De Loods” Ridderkerk. A great stage with an awesome dancefloor!
Line-up between other DJ’s.

Popcentrale DJ-cafe Dordrecht

DJ Cafe Dordrecht

DJ BastiQ at the talent stage Popcentrale Energiehuis Dordrecht. He started with gospel and oldskool. Then he played hiphop, bigroomhouse, progressivehouse and of course electrohouse. A great line-up of 20 DJ’s. All styles passed. Super awesome to hear!

DJOI Driebergen - preparing for the Teenage Disco night

DJOI Open Party

Every second friday of the month, teenage disco (10 to 13 year). Everyone is welcome!

On the picture: We were all very busy with the preparations for the disco evening at the DJOI Driebergen.

Line-up: DJ Mike (left – yellow T-shirt), DJ Luka (middle – white T-shirt) and DJ BastiQ (right – green T-shirt)

Westlandse Cross 2016

Westlandse Cross 2016

Last night I was in the DJ booth with David Stellar, during the Music ‎Festival ‎Westlandse Cross 2016 (Honselersdijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands). Pumping up the crowd. Feeling the vibes. Bringing the energy. Thank You all for this amazing night! Pioneer DJ School & Westlandse Cross!

Soundtrack: David Stellar x TIM BER feat. Shockman – Buckle Up (with permission from David Stellar)


DJ BastiQ at Beach House - Brothers Bunnik

DJ BastiQ @ Beach House – Brothers Bunnik

Opening Beach House party at Brothers Bunnik.

Poppodium Volt Sittard

DJ BastiQ @ Poppodium Volt (Sittard)

Open stage

DJ Cafe

DJ BastiQ @ DJ Cafe Dordrecht

I am in the line-up of DJ Cafe Dordrecht.

De Loods Ridderkerk - DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ De Loods Ridderkerk

Playing a set on “De Loods” stage at Ridderkerk (The Netherlands).
Line-up with other DJ’s.

De Loods Ridderkerk

DJ BastiQ @ De Loods Ridderkerk

Line-up including: DJ Q Vallento, DJ BastiQ and many more…