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School party 2.0

There are school parties and school parties! And this one was really awesome! Poppodium De Peppel was completely full! And that was noticeable, because there was a huge vibe all night! Thanks!

Private Party – schoolfeest

For invitees only!

Private Trance Party – Wijk bij Duurstede

By invitation only!

Private party to celebrate life with trance music.

Private Party – Bisonpark Zeist

A great private party with lots of energy at Bisonstal, Bisonpark, Zeist, The Netherlands. Because of Covid-19, only small parties are allawd.

Private Party – class party

During Covid-19 restrictions, only small party may continue. This class party was small, so …. Let’s Party!

Private Party

Private Party – Bunnik

Only for invited guests

Private Party

Private Party – Zeist

Only for invited guests

Private Party

Private Party – Driebergen

Only for invited guest

Poppodium De Peppel

Having a gig, after a long time with dancing kids who are having big fun!

Private Party

Private class party at Peppel

Private Party at music venue De Peppel.


Tag Archive for: private party

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