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Private Party 30 december 2016

DJ BastiQ @ Private Celebrating Party

Let’s celebrate the good things in life!
It’s time to dance on the beats of DJ BastiQ & drink champagne

Invitation Only

DanZation Superhereos

DJ BastiQ @ DanZation! (Private Party)

ALLEEN voor leerlingen van DanZation + introducé

Op zaterdag 26 november viert DanZation! haar 15 jarig bestaan met o.a. een Superheroes feest in Bar Dancing De Koets te Zeist.

Met Robin Martens (Rikki GTST) en Kenzo Alvares (Dance Dance Dance)

Dresscode: Superheld

Private Party with DJ BastiQ

DJ BastiQ @ Private Party

Invitation only !

DJOI Driebergen - Private Party

Group 9 Party of CBS Coolsma

Thanks group 9 (Yes, they all left group 8 ?) of CBS Coolsma Driebergen for the fantastic private party at the DJOI !!! #loveyouall

Private Party

DJ BastiQ @ Private Party

By invitation only

djoi 20160611

DJOI Part-time with Coolsma

Everybody was on the dancefloor at the DJOI D‎riebergen tonight. It was a  ‎great party, really partytime!!!! Thanx!!!

Birthday party at DJOI

Birthday party at the DJOI

Birthday party / ‎girl party / private party at the DJOI, ‎Welnuh, Driebergen, Heuvelrug. Dancing on the small stage around the DJ booth. It was awesome!

DJOI Private Party

Playing at Private Party

The private party (tonight) was great! Everyone was dancing on the beats. The atmosphere was super and relaxed.

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