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Pioneer DDJ-1000

Fun to DJ with this Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 controller 🎉🔥👍 It can do amazing things together with Pioneer Rekordbox!!!

DJ BastiQ at Vrije Basisschool Het Spoor Zeist

Vrije Basisschool Het Spoor Zeist

Soundcheck done ???! I am ready for Vrije Basisschool het Spoor ???

Pioneer Rekordbox workflow

Pioneer Rekordbox workflow

Updating my track metadata in Rekordbox to workflow 3.0! Halfway and still smiling ?

Pioneer Rekordbox is all about ranking your tracks in a way that you can find them. I use music style, BPM, key and intensity. Besides this selection info, I add some more metadata to my tracks. Making my life as DJ easier!

Preparing my Gig in Rekordbox

Preparing my Gig in Rekordbox

Preparing my Gig in Rekordbox for the Town Hall Party Zeist!

iPhone or iPad wire connected with CDJ

If you have a WIFI router connected between your CDJs, then you can use WIFI. Without WIFI, it looks like Rekordbox doesn’t work. Is it possible? Yes it is!
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loop on the CDJ

DJ Lesson #5: The Loop

Today we started with checking if this time my USB stick works. Since the first DJ lesson, I have problems with the TDK 2.0 USB stick. The CDJ-2000 does not recognize the playlist, but if we plugged the USB stick in a Macbook with Rekordbox, everything is there. We could not found any problems. This time I formatted the TDK 2.0 USB stick with a MS-DOS (FAT) structure and marked the option: MBR (Master Boot Record). Nevertheless, it did not work. We are out of options, so lets buy new ones!

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dj-booth djm 900 nexus

DJ Lesson #2

On friday september 12, 2014 I had my second DJ lesson. It was again great. What we did? Well, we started with finding out why my Rekordbox database on my USB sticks did not worked in the CDJ 2000 Nexus. Unfortunately we could not found the problem. Never the less, the music was on the stick (without the database), so the lesson could start!
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