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De Loods Ridderkerk PC Hoofdstraat DJ BastiQ

Gig at P.C. Hoofdstraat

I played a set at “De Loods” P.C. Hoofdstraat, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.

On the DJ booth is printed: “Don’t play into the red!”. That text is not for me !!!

De Loods Ridderkerk - DJ BastiQ - booth

De Loods Ridderkerk

Playing for the second time at “De Loods” Ridderkerk. A great stage with an awesome dancefloor!
Line-up between other DJ’s.

vinyl DJ

Vinyl workshop

Playing with vinyls, doing some beatmatching and scratching.
Thanks Peter van der Schaaf for this vinyl workshop!

De Loods Ridderkerk with DJ BastiQ

“De Loods” at the P.C. Hooftstraat

Tonight at “De Loods”, P.C. Hooftstraat in Ridderkerk, I played a set of #progressivehouse #electrohouse and #bigroom tracks. Awesome location! Thank you De Loods and Quarles van der Mije (Q Vallento)!
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Tag Archive for: Ridderkerk

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