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BurgerExperience Closing Night

The last weekend of the Burger Experience at Studio A12 / Brothers. Meneer Smakers baked the best burgers again and it was a great hustle and bustle with cars in the drive thru!

Recording of the Livestream by showdesign.nl can be seen on YouTube:

BastiQ at feestcafe Drive-Thru - Brothers

BastiQ at Last change Drive-thru Party

Laatste keer dat je door de drive-thru van Brothers en Meneer Smakers kan rijden en laatste keer dat je samen met mij uit je auto-dak kan gaan! Ben jij er nog bij? Haal jij die geweldig lekkere burger op?


First gig for 2021! Bizarre!

Because of Corona, everything is in lockdown and food places may only offer take away! Brothers and Meneer Smakers offers take away burgers with a party pub feeling. They bake the burgers! I make the party!

BastiQ at feestcafe Drive-Thru - Brothers

BastiQ at Feestcafe Drive-Thru

Bezoek de Burger Experience voor de beste beats en lekkerste Meneer Smakers burgers! Je kan met je auto door de feestcafé drive-thru rijden en genieten van onze live resident DJ’s, terwijl jij wacht op je bestelling van Meneer Smakers.

DJ BastiQ playing set on Hummer

BastiQ on rooftop Hummer

Having fun on the “Red Bull” Hummer with DJ-set, during the Drive Thru Experience of Meneer Smakers and Brothers Bunnik!

BastiQ DJ-ing on HUMMER

It was awesome to have a DJ-booth in the back of a HUMMER! Playing a two hour set at “Foute Kerst” 2020, location Brothers / Studio A12 Bunnik.

With Meneer Smakers for the best burgers!

BastiQ playing set at Studio A12

During my set, I made this selfie!

Having fun in the Drive-thru at Brothers Bunnik! It is a awesome Experience with sound, light and ofcourse Burgers from Meneer Smakers!

iPhone into the mayonnaise

During this gig, I only took this phone … The bass kick was so good, that my iPhone vibrated into the mayonnaise! How bizarre is that 😋 Never the less, the fries from Meneer Smakers are delicious!

BastiQ at Studio A12 Bunnik

Playing a 2 hour trance music set during the Burger Experience of Studio A12 and Meneer Smakers! Awesome people in cars are passing my booth! One big party!

BastiQ at Burger Experience

Also this Friday a 2 hour performance in Brothers / Studio A12 Bunnik (Netherlands).

Cars drive through the only open disco in the Netherlands! The Burger Experience is: enjoying music, disco lights all around you and of course your favorite burger from Meneer Smakers!

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