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Pioneer Rekordbox workflow

Pioneer Rekordbox workflow

Updating my track metadata in Rekordbox to workflow 3.0! Halfway and still smiling ?

Pioneer Rekordbox is all about ranking your tracks in a way that you can find them. I use music style, BPM, key and intensity. Besides this selection info, I add some more metadata to my tracks. Making my life as DJ easier!

Boost your Drive

First track on SoundCloud: Boost your Drive

This evening I was presenting my own Ableton Live track ‎production with the title “Boost your Drive” at the music school ‎Zeist. It is made for a presentation at the music school Zeist. I made the music and my parents helped me with the video clip. It was awesome to hear and see my song in the theater.

I uploaded my track also to SoundCloud… Hope you like it! (Realize, that I was 9 years young, when I made this.)

On the photo: me and André Arends. He is my ‎Ableton teacher @ DJ school Zeist